Waters Glimmer Outfit

This is an outfit I put together just toying around. Looks good actually, well that is in my opinion. I wanted to see for myself and show you what my designs look like when paired with other products and accessories youll find in your favorite stores. With that being said naturally I have to start the outfit out with what inspired this post in the first place. The printed shirt is one of my creations called "Waters Glimmer ( black and red version) "  The watch is of the same design and also created by me. The pants are joggers i found when I visited Akademiks.com . They're called Flatland Jogger Sweatpants. They'll run you about $18 bucks right now. Last but not the least are these sweet kiks, which are Air Jordan 2 RetroAlternate ´87's. These bad boys will cost you about $160 here at sneakersnstuff.com .

With this killa combo you will dedefinitely be big pimpn.

Ive Seen Some Jordan's In My Time

Ive seen some Jordan's in my time definitely.  Some hot and some just plain ugly. Seem some people live off the saying "the shoes make the man" and take thier shoe love seriously. When I first saw these my first thought was whoa..wtf... So naturally I gotta ask what you think of these ? They're definitely different.  You can get a pair for $185 here.
Jordan Horizon Premium

While doing my search I found these Air Jordan XXX that I think look way better.  You can get a pair of these for $199.

Customize Your Own Kd8 premium asg kiks

If you like KDs then you gotta stop by and check out these kd8s you can personalize yourself.  They're a bit pricey but by todays standards it aint a big deal..well I should say to those who love KDs its not a big deal. These will cost you a nice $245 here at Nike.com kd 8 premium asg