Pure Nonsense Loud Mouths

I dont know where you grew up at but I know where I grew up thier was a few people like that. Loud mouths usually run thier lips and cant back up the shit they talk. Most of the time a loud mouth mufuka usually will spout off bout how they gonna get so and so to handle this or something along those lines. Nine out of 10 wont fight thier own battles and always wana get you into thier drama. So I made this to kinda tell loud mouths that cant back thier shit talking up to settle down and cut that shit out before you get seriously hurt ...its pure nonsense.
pure nonsense loud mouth punks

pure nonsense loud mouth punks by Ourcorner
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Some people run those lips a little too much and end up getting choked out, as this brotha did..

Samurai Jack " Fear None"

This is my latest for Cartoon Network. Samurai Jack is the man so I chose him to let you know, "fear none". Fear is a major part of life and it can make things so much worse than they need to be. Even as adults we have a tendency to evade or skip over something because of fear. So this is a message to those who dont try and or run from that in which they fear. Fear is a state of mind, if you can overcome your fears there's almost nothing that can stop you. Fear can be your biggest enemy and can keep you from striving to achieve your goals. So fear none whether your an adult or a child because fear is the only thing truly standing in your way. You can check out all the products with this design and all my latest works here.
Check out Samurai Jack in action here and get ready for Jack to come back for 2016.

moving forward in life

As an adult you try to move forward in life, more so in a positive way than a negative one. You want better for you and your loved ones and you try to achieve that goal through thick and thin. Most of us continue to strive for that goal once set but you have something or someone who's keeping you grounded as if it or they dont want you to reach that goal. So when I made this I had those things in mind.. like wow some people and some things in life just dont want to let you move forward, so some times you gotta say to yourself or that person "if we cant move forward in life together,then I will go and move forward without you".. this in a way is a reminder to continue to move forward in life whether your together or not and whether times are good or bad. You will always find resistance in life but its how you deal with it that will make you or break you.
With that being said i'll leave you with this..Every now and then you just gotta say "NO" and do what you gotta do.

Barack Obama Singing No by Meghan Trainor | 9GAG.tv

Barack Obama Singing No by Meghan Trainor - Obama needs to watch this.